Taking over a hotel

In order to avoid the
“coups de cœur” that are most often the cause of great
disillusionment, it is important to rigorously and rationally select the
establishments that are likely to interest you.

It is also important to be
well informed about the regulations specific to the profession and its
obligations which can sometimes weigh heavily in the budget for the acquisition
or renovation of a tourist property (classification standards, accessibility
for the disabled, safety rules…).

Buying a tourist property is
a real challenge that involves you personally and financially. Stratelia helps
you in this process by selecting the establishments best suited to your wishes
and your budget. We take charge of checking the feasibility of your project and
study purchase proposals on a case-by-case basis to ensure that you take the
least risk in your choice.

Such an investment must be
considered with great rigour and method. Sound and expert advice is necessary
to guarantee the sustainability of the project.

Whether you are already a
professional in the hotel business or a complete novice on the market, it is
important to be accompanied to make the right decisions and to have a double
objective view so as not to miss essential elements. This project must be
thought, studied and built according to your own situation.